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Tiptoe Balance
..this is one of my favorite poses. Each and every soul in this universe, for sure, has their own personal favorite. What are yours?
..This pose helps improve our physical balance, concentration, strength and flexibility especially in the lower extremities including our hips, thighs, toes, knees as well as our ankles.

One foot (right or left) is resting on the (right or left) knee. This is quite challenging yet fun to do. Once you found your balance, lift your arm out over head while the other is resting on your waist/hips/the side of your torso.

You can do so many things with this pose. Knees pointing on different directions. Soles of the feet touching together.

These variations are obviously different from the second picture above. This time, the knees, inner thighs, heels, toes are touching together. The heels are lifted, and our derriere is resting just on top of the heels. If you want to add your eagle arms in this pose, go ahead, explore all the things that you can possibly do. 😉

This is the Ardha-Prapadasana (the half-bound Tiptoe poses) and its variation (preparation). This is also known as the Padangushthasana. At times, poses have more than two names.

Here’s another picture of the tiptoe balance variations. Bring your knee (right or left) on the floor. Once you are well-balanced, extend the free leg (right or left) and grab it with your thumb and your piece fingers. You can use your spider fingers to add support. Place them couple of inches behind you. If you can flatten your palm on your mat, go for it. You can also switch arms or legs to add more thrill. Wootwoow. ehem.. don’t hold your breaths while you are doing all of these. Yoga is not solely about the physical things you do with your body. It is the union of your mind,body, soul and your breath.

Enjoy. ^_^