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The heart has six enemies which causes suffering and prevents the soul from shining. They are also the blockage to our chakras. They are the..

Kama- Desire and Lust
Krodha- Anger
Moha- Delusion
Lobha- Greed
Madha- Egoistic Tendency
Matsarya- Jealousy

They are not only causing us sufferings and dissatisfactions in life. Moreover, they form a habitual cycle that affects our wellbeing-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If we won’t do anything to eliminate them, the cycle will forever repeat itself thus the suffering will tag along with us wherever we go.

In Sikhism, they are called as the Five Thieves/Five Evils.
1. Kam (Lust,addiction)
2. Krodh (Rage,wrath,loathe,anger,grudge)
3. Lobh (Greed,materialistic)
4. Moh (Attachment/worldly infatuation)
5. Ahankar (Ego/pride)

They were believe to caused obstruction to the moral and spiritual path of the man. However, the word “evil” here may be understood to represent the connotation of Punjabi pap (sin), dokh (defect), or kilbikh (defilement).”

Here’s the detail..

    -Lust will affect our first center, the Moladhara Chakra. Sahaja Yoga meditation practices can help restore the integrity of this area.

    -Anger has a great impact into out second center known as the Swadhistan Chakra.

    -Greed affects the third center which is the Manipur Chakra. It does not only destroy our collective values but it will also create imbalance to our personality.

    -Attachment suppresses the ability of the Anahata Chakra to shine. It lessens the power of the heart to love in a generous way. “Attachment is a lower and selfish form of love-it takes instead of giving, it is a cause and a consequence for a lack of inner security”

    -Jealousy is the resentment against another person. However, because of this disposition the Vishuddhi Chakra will be prevented to glow. This kind of feeling will destroy human relationships.

    -Egoistic tendency obstruct the opening of the six center which is called the Agnya Chakra. “When the Agnya clears the soul, the subject is no longer blinded or nisled by the projections of his ego. He is capable of settling into a deeper self-identity, a source of personal strength, confidence and resilience”

The antidote of the 6 poisons is called the 5 Klesas (Kleshas).
These are the tools which can help us overcome the culprits of our afflictions.
1. meditation
2. Breathing Technique
3. Ethics
4. Postures
5. Devotional Practices

In Sikhism, the five devils can be countered with these five virtues. These five steps will help the human overcome the sins or the five evils in their lives.
1. Sat (truth)
2. Daya (compassion)
3. Santokh (contentment)
4. Nimrata (humility)
5. Pyar (love)

    “To be truly happy we must train them and gain control over our senses, our desires, and ultimately our minds”

    “First we must identify and become conscious of these behaviors and tendencies in our thinking, then we can decide that we have to eliminate them. This decision is called a Sankalpa in Yoga where we make a resolute intention to integrate or eliminate something into our lives. In Yoga we have the beautiful practice of Pratipaksha Bhavana, “cultivating the opposites”, which helps us when we have these negative thoughts. It is this practice that we must then implement by turning our minds to divine thoughts and qualities.”