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R.O.X organized an outdoor activity in Ayala Center Cebu yesterday, July 21st. We did all these poses (to scare people away-hahaha) while waiting for our turn. Surya Nanda was asked to do a free public yoga class, that was why we were here. I am glad the whole Surya Nanda family went to participate the event. The participants were not only from Surya Nanda of course. 🙂

Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Downward-facing Tree Pose (simply known as Handstand) and Utkatasana (Chair pose)

Ustrasana (Full camel pose) and vrischika (scorpion pose)

Colorful Beni and I warmed ourselves up by doing the full-camel pose and scorpion pose. Despite feeling cold and sick, I was able to do an inversion with Beni. 🙂

One legged wheel and handstand

Another crazy partner Yoga pose. Beni on here Eka Pada Chakrasana, Eka Pada Urdhvachakrasana, Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana, One Leg Wheel Pose and me on my Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Downward-facing Tree Pose. Our Photographer was feeling a little lazy to get himself off the ground, so it was my underarm that was exposed- alot! XD

Beni and me on my ZEMgear

Look at my cute, little pink ZEMgear! so lovely, I can’t even feel Beni’s feet while I was doing Scorpion pose with her.

Scorpion partner Yoga with Beni, and Blanche at the center.

with Surya Nanda family. Such a warm loving family. 🙂

here is my Beautiful Surya Nanda family. Looking forward to doing another outdoor activity with them 🙂