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This pose is called the Salamba Shirshasana (supported headstand), or the Baddha Hasta Sirsasana- Baddha = bound, Hasta = hands,Sirsa = head), which is also known as the Mother of asana. Some refers to this as the King of all the asanas.

In the second picture, I was on my way to a twisted supported headstand. Trying crazy things while your are up there is great. Just like scientists-experimenting new things. My feet were not totally flexed. :s

It is still fresh in my memory how hesistant I was to do Supported headstand when I was just formally attending Yoga classes many years ago. I was sure, I was not committed to doing headstand. I waited until one night out of my curiosity, I invited my brothers and sisters in my room to help me and guide me while I was throwing my legs up on the air. My first attempt was not a success, all first attempts are. I was able to stabilized myself in my supported headstand after seven consecutive days with millions of attempts, bruises and mistakes. It was not just perfecting the pose which made me happy. All those failed attempts are worth remembering. The journey towards the pose teaches me to be brave. Just like in meditation, you are the student, you are the teacher and you are the observer. Aiming for something fruitful. If you reap you sow.
As long as you have the fire within to do something (of course something good and harmless to all other creatures in this universe) then you will surely be able to make it. Good intentions makes good results.