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This is Surya Nanda Yoga Studio’s image of the enlightened one. This huge poster was bought in HK, when one of our teacher went there for a trip. This is such as beautiful picture of him. It is not a plain painting though, it has a rough surface like a piece of paper to smoothen a wood-I’m referring to the sandpaper. However, when I look at this poster, it makes me smile. haha 😀

He was called the enlightened one after he discovered enlightenment. His journey to that ultimate stage was not easy. He learned what the Buddhist called the Middle-way-which is simply known as the path of moderation-nothing less, nothing extreme especially in terms self-indulgence and self-mortification.

His wish to overcome suffering, diseases, ageing, and death lead him to what he is known for it now-enlightenment. The core of the Buddhist teaching is one of the many spiritual contributions he had discovered out of his own experiences. The heart of the Buddhism teaching is referred to as the “Four Noble Truths”.

I once heard about this teaching when I was a high school student studying History. At first, I thought it was perplexing. It is complicated indeed if you wont open your heart to his spiritual teaching. I may not be a Buddhist-but I absolutely respect and love his teachings.