This coming weekend, our Yoga studio will provide a free yoga session in Ayala center Cebu at 5 in the afternoon. This event was long been organized by the R.O.X (known as the Recreational Outdoor eXchange) Philippines. The event is said to be full of fun outdoor activities for people who love adrenaline rush. 
The good thing about it is the inclusion of yoga to this type of outdoor event (which is new to our Yoga studio). We definitely want to take part in these kind of projects. Who wouldn’t? haha 😀 

Another thing that makes me thrilled is the ZEM Gear shoes which the R.O.X will give to all the instructors in our studio-as a give away. I am sure I will get one. yey! 
ZEM Gear shoes creates a bare feeling with maximum protection (I’ve read this one on their website-harhar!)

I believe when you put it on,it would make you feel like you are wearing socks. So, I am sure this is not good for walking outdoor-like going shopping and the like. I can’t imagine wearing this outside the Yoga studio. What if there is a needle waiting for me to step on it on the street? hahaha. Anyhow, I am still enthusiastic to own one. I will post another article about the ZEM gear shoes once I receive mine. woootwooow! By the way this picture of the ZEM Gear shoes might not be the same as the one I am talking about.