Stressors are everywhere, you can’t control them from affecting you unless you have this powerful stress coping methods. 😀 When things are too much difficult to handle,the initial reaction of the body is different. If we are going to based it on science, our body reacts to threats, to pressures at work or school such as racing the deadlines. Stress occurs when there are layers of frustrations and demands in life. As we encounter these things, of course we can’t think properly. The stress hormones,cortisol and adrenaline will be released in the body as the primary respond of the nervous system to the stressors. We all know that our heart pounds abnormally – as in more than 60 beats per minute (depending on the degree). Thus our breathing becomes shallow and eventually increases, our blood pressure rises and we become more alert. This respond is automatic. This process is known as the flight or fight. Can you imagine yourself reacting this way everyday? Stress can lead to somewhere else. If one does not know how to handle nor recognize this reaction,it will happen again and again like a wheel,endlessly circling.
One benefit of yoga is relieving stress. Once you tried Yoga, you know by heart what to do to slowly let go of those unpleasant things. However,if you have not, then NOW is the right time. Unless you want to suffer terrible illnesses brought by unresolved stress.
Take a moment to inhale and slowly release the tension as you exhale. Do this routine as long as you wish. As you breathe in and out-focus on the rise and fall of your chest. Yoga is not all about the physical movements you do, it is beyond what you physically see.