Teaching was one of the thing that I despise when I was growing up. But now, it is the profession that keeps me busy. Isn’t it ironic? I can still remember the strong feeling of dislike in handling classes and dealing with stubborn kids. However, my case is different now. Due to the high technology, people now find internet useful for studying. Various of subjects are taught by instructors via internet. Some use Skype while others use different applications or program as they call it.

Teaching something to foreign students is not easy. You have to deal with them, you have to lessen the language barrier and the like. You have to lengthen your patience or else you will get in trouble. Young students are totally stubborn. I was once a stubborn kid too when I was studying. I am not complaining about my job though.
Students in our academy always report things to the managers about useless things, just to make their lives interesting. haha 😀 They fabricate stories against you, which is quite degrading. Anyone could resign and find another (better) job. But it is also nice to conquer the difficulties and try to find ways to be able to understand how this particular business/job works. For the sake of having such experience.