Learning yoga does not end when you master difficult poses, nor when you get a certificate to teach. It is a continuous learning about yourself. The way you practice determines your attitude towards life. If you practice willingly, without pressure nor without pleasing others, you are obviously hardworking.

According to a great teacher, “Yoga is 99% practice” the rest is theory. Nobody will surely master one pose without practicing how to get there and how to get out from where you are in the pose. As you keep doing the poses, your muscles and other parts of your body will also get used to it. Many years ago, I could not stretch my legs so much. However, as I keep practicing and stretching my legs. I noticed that it is slimmer and more flexible. Then I can do splits easily. There is no magic in Yoga. You really have to learn and earn something in return.

This practice is not just to improve your physique but also within those tangible parts of you. It is beyond having flexible legs and muscles. It is more than doing nerve-wracking, spine tingling, jaw-dropping poses. It is deeper than that. It enriches the real you. The formless you. Your soul.