Teaching yoga is something that I totally love and enjoy so much. I am a nurse by profession but doing yoga almost everyday with different individuals who wish to learn yoga, is definitely priceless.
I learn many things from my students, as a teacher I gain knowledge and learn new approaches that comes out when the time demands for it from my system.

There is a lot of things yoga can do to us all. Our ways of understanding and approaching things will pivot in a different degree, thus our patience becomes a little thicker and longer than before, especially prior to practicing yoga.

Vanity is not a thing one gets in yoga. When we practice yoga, we must leave our ego behind. In that way we will learn new things, thus we will enjoy yoga. Yoga is something that we should enjoy. This is not a military training. It is kinder and softer than any discipline I know. If you can’t appreciate yoga that way, try to look for a teacher that can help you appreciate yoga in a positive way.

Practicing yoga makes you return to your inner self. You go back to your innocence, forget about your ego, enjoy being a free-spirited individual.

Open your heart and Mind.