I never thought that I would set foot on the Island near my mom’s birth place. The reason is that, the place is too fancy for me. Their rate is also fancy. However, due to some project a co-worker had instill on me and my two other friends, I was able to experience something that is worth remembering.

The place was so beautiful. If you are looking for a place to slow your pace, Badian island and resort is the perfect get away for you. The foods are all fresh and organic, which is good everyone. They have their own organic garden which is totally amazing.

During the day time, especially the breaking of the dawn you can appreciate the beauty of the sunrise. It is as if rising in front of you. The different hues would surely take your breath away.  At times, when we are away from home or from the place that is familiar to us, we have this particular feeling of loneliness or emptiness. However, if you stay in that wonderful paradise, you will definitely feel at home.

The people are so accommodating, not because it is part of their business, but because they are naturally and are born that way.

I love the moment when the sun is away. It is because of the clear beautiful dark sky above the island. The stars are very tantalizing. So sad that I was not able to bring my binocular at that time.

Well, if you wish to find peace and do lots of meditation.. search for Badian Island of Cebu.